Corporate: Directors and Officers

Oliver Vaughan - Chairman

Mr. Vaughan is an entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in various international businesses. His experience spans the leisure, financial services, investment and technology sectors. He founded Juliana's, a nightclub and pub/bar business, in 1966 and built it to be one of the leading worldwide leisure chains with over 160 operating outlets, it was later acquired by Wembley Plc. He went on to set up a residential property company, Gander, specialising in the Kensington and Chelsea markets and since then has been instrumental in floating several companies on AIM. Mr. Vaughan is currently on the board of several listed companies.

Robin Woodbine-Parish - Director

Mr. Woodbine Parish is a well-respected and successful businessman who succeeded his father Michael Woodbine Parish as Chairman and Managing Director of the Exploration Co. Plc and the El Oro Mining & Exploration Co. Plc in 1994 where he had been a Director since 1981. Both Companies have been active in mining over the last 60 years.